The Blue Hour of Dust

The Blue Hour of Dust

The last reflections of the sun’s rays color everything with its blueness. The eyes have not yet encountered darkness. Fragile tone with far-oscillating harmony. The atmosphere appears stable. Fearless at the pace of breathing.

The studio is flooded with black light, electronic beats and rhythms. Space feels like an uncanny laboratory. The light reveals the dust particles on the table. Objects turn into planets, dimension fading. Centralizing the view of empty places makes something hidden visible. The idea of focusing on small things makes the present more valuable - a meditative process. Throwing myself deep in this immediacy allows me to step foot into an alternative reality. Playing with chance eliminates predictability, like rolling the dice. An equation whose summation is not even. Our existing reality is dominated by routine, however, the lack of control always seems to find a way to announce itself, as ubiquitously as in The Blue Hour of Dust.

The Blue Hour of Dust is a collection of the past. In all silence a snowfall of dust lands on the ground. Fine solid matters of dead cells, stillness mark of living. A subtle intention to freeze time. Get through materiality, the aim is getting beyond the veil, find transcendental experiences. To see on the other side of a small glowing source of light. Through experimentation and abstraction is my way to reach the unknown core. Admit the fragility and mortality of humanity.

Lonely Star 2020