I’ll Make an Escape To a Fictitious Island

The series is a collection of photographs of various islands. I want to fade out the geographical location of the islands and make an imaginary island. This island is secluded and surrounded by the sea. Water is a promise of the opportunity to travel to another world. The remoteness from the mainland creates the island's distinctive features. The atmosphere there is dormant and unpredictable.

I'm fascinated by how we form emotional bonds between physical environments. Which of all things affects the individual's perception of the nature of the place, how place attachment happens. With my photos I look at how our relationship with the surrounding space is build and how our experience of the nature of the place is formed.

Let It Be Your Sancuary

Let It Be Your Sancuary. 60x40cm.

One Day We’re Gonna Live in Paradise

Pleasure’s All Mine

Pleasure’s All Mine. 60x40cm

One Day We’re Gonna Live in Paradise. I promise. 60x40cm

You Know I Would

You Know I Would. 60x40cm

It Is Wonderfully Quiet, You Whispered

It Is Wonderfully Quiet, You Whispered. 60x40cm