o (Perfect Circle)
series of photographs
framed pigment prints, metal prints
various sizes 100x65cm, 60x40cm, 30x20cm and 20x20cm

I draw a circle with ink freehand. The ink is absorbed into the rough surface of the paper sheet, creating a unique shape. I routinely repeat the act, trying to reach perfection. I am aware of the impossibility of the process, but at the core of it is the making itself, and what can be found through coincidences. I travel to a place where I have no preconceived ideas, and I try to capture the experience in the instant, dictated by that moment.

The works of the (Perfect Circle) have been captured in Kansai and Kagawa areas in Japan in 2017. The starting point for the installation is the interest in early Japanese aesthetics and folk religions such as Shinto. As I look at the other country’s beliefs about myths, spirits, and rituals, I am fascinated by their mysticism and central appreciation for nature. My work was inspired especially by minimalism, imperfect beauty and everlasting aesthetics. Paying attention to imperfect details give space for thoughts to wander. Observing mistakes and failures makes the beauty incomplete. I like the idea that mistakes are human and that they may result in something unexpected. I take control of the coincidence and let it determine the variable form of my art works.

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Leap Second (2020) I’ll Make an Escape To a Fictitious Island (2020) Simulated Travel (2019) o (Perfect Circle) (2019) The Call (2018) Passing Waves (2017)