Dust 2021

I Found The Third Room


4K video, 5.1 sound

I Found The Third Room (2023) is a spatial media installation consisting of video projection and surround sound. I have captured various materials and their movement in UV light in the third studio of Serlachius residency. With scales and movements, I abstract my objects and create different associations with look-alike landscape images. I have compiled the sound piece from field sounds and electronic soundscapes.

Muuntotila 2023

Muuntotila 2023

Muuntotila 2023


I Found The Third Room (2023) Did You See the Lights? (2023) A Visitor on the Set (2023) The Blue Hour of Dust (2022) Quiet Mark of Living (2022) 23 Possible Ends of a Firefly (2021) Little Paradise (2020) Leap Second (2020) Paranormalization (2019)